Blakewell Fishery March Newsletter

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Well Meteorological Spring is officially here, but I feel we can see the signs for ourselves, primroses, daffodils and snowdrops are in abundance and Magnolia trees are starting to blossom. The last few weeks have been kind to us, the weather has been reasonably mild and the water temperatures are at ideal spring levels.

The lake itself is looking superb, the water is crystal clear and the trout are cruising just below the surface, nymph activity is increasing so now is the time to dig out those nymph patterns.

Lovely winter reflections across the lake at Blakewell
Lovely winter reflections across the lake at Blakewell

Eric Battison recently proved the point with a double 6 fish ticket; nymph fishing a damsel with a blue flash was by far his most popular fly. But don’t be tempted to stay big, on another day buzzers will be equally as deadly, in fact we are witnessing some good early season buzzer hatches with red’s and blacks being the favoured colours along with gold head and bloodworm patterns.

Eric Battison had a great day at Blakewell
Eric Battison had a great day at Blakewell

With the mild end to winter, don’t confine your tactics however to the nymph, as well as the buzzer many other species of fly have been hatching including some pond olives so keep a keen eye in the margins and if you can match the hatch you may be in for some bonus dry fly fishing.

Black & Peacock spider
Gold ribbed hares ear

Other favourite flies for this time of the year must include the Black & Peacock spider, Corixia and tadpoles in a variety of colours and the Gold head GRHE all do well in spring.





If you’re not sure what is the best fly on the day, pop into our tackle room we have a large supply of flies, over 150 patterns to be precise! As well as our specifically chosen Blakewell fly selections to ensure you get the  best out of your visit to Blakewell.


A fine Over wintered Brown
A Fine overwintered Brown for Dave Hockin

So far this year the average size of our trout has been 3lb 7oz, with plenty of fish in the 4 to 6lb range and the best fish in February was 11lb 6oz but there are plenty of bigger Brown and rainbows to be caught!


Cruising rainbow trout
Large rainbow cruising the margins!

The water is very clear at the moment, so if you fancy a spot of stalking for the bigger fish around the margins stealth is the word,     cast ahead of the cruising fish with a weighted fly and raise the fly as the fish approaches to induce the take.

April Fishery Competition

Our Next competition will take place on Sunday 2nd April 2017, arrival from 8am fishing from 9.30, please email us at: if you wish to be included.

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