Blakewell Fishery April 2017 Newsletter

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Spring has now well and truly taken hold, the weather is becoming a little more predictable with just a little to much of the Northerly winds keeping the temperatures around the 12 degree mark. On the lake the water temperature and conditions are perfect, the marginal plants are growing quickly and the the marsh marigolds have burst into colour. The past … Read More

Blakewell Fishery March Newsletter

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Well Meteorological Spring is officially here, but I feel we can see the signs for ourselves, primroses, daffodils and snowdrops are in abundance and Magnolia trees are starting to blossom. The last few weeks have been kind to us, the weather has been reasonably mild and the water temperatures are at ideal spring levels. The lake itself is looking superb, … Read More

Kingfisher holiday lodge – Blakewell Fly fishery – Devon

Our Scandinavian style property is situated in an idyllic, private location, in the quiet Blakewell valley within the vast grounds of Blakewell fishery and overlooked by tree lined rolling  Hills. Blakewell trout fishery and fish farm was established 30 years ago. The owners had the vision then to see what it has become today; a Mecca for all lovers of … Read More

Autumn newsletter

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Well Summer has passed and we’re starting to get an autumn flavour with the leaves turning that lovely golden colour. The start of Autumn has seen the weather remain reasonably mild and settled which is producing perfect fishing conditions at our refurbished lake. Consequently, we are pleased we took the decision to drain the lake in August to undertake some … Read More

June Newsletter

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So we are now officially into Summer, although the recent wind and rain might suggest otherwise. June is the month of the summer solstice when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is most inclined towards the sun and directly over the Tropic of Cancer, so that’s why we get the most daylight of the year. The month of the summer solstice also … Read More

May Newsletter

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So the weather has finally started to settle, although we’ve still had a few cold spells where the wind has been from the North or East but for the most part things are becoming more predictable. That is of course apart from the trout, but that is fishing; however here at Blakewell there are a few givens, as the water … Read More