• Blakewell is recognized as the premier fly fishing location in SW England and is regularly featured in leading magazines such as Trout & Salmon.
  • Blakewell is famed for its razor finned, naturally rising, hard fighting rainbow and brown trout.
  • Attention to keepering provides for abundant fly hatches encouraging the fish to keep on the move.
  • Huge amounts of Damsels, Olives and Sedges will be found in the shallows which means of course that nymphs are a must for any angler’s fly box.
  • Popular, well proven flies include Pheasant tail nymphs, Buzzers, Hoppers, Daddy Longlegs and Hares Ears. On colder days and through the autumn and winter months small Gold Heads, Cats Whiskers and Muddler minnows will succeed.


  • Rainbow trout:  22lb 13oz
  • Brown trout:  13lb 2oz
  • Four fish bag:  51lb 6oz


  • 10 fish  £75
  • 6 fish  £39
  • 5 fish  £37
  • 4 fish  £35
  • 3 fish  £33
  • 2 fish  £28

We offer fly fishing tuition at £40 per hour with all tackle provided.
Our tackle shop stocks a good selection of equipment and flies.
All fish caught must be kept: we are not a catch & release fishery.  All anglers must have a valid Environment Fishing Licence on them at all times.