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Fish well. Relax well. Eat well.

Message for Anglers.
The fishery is open and weed free for 2024.

You can experience the true taste of Blakewell Smoked Salmon and Trout at our new shop website. Simply click the button above.

Blakewell is situated in a beautiful, picturesque Devon valley where it is fed by crystal clear spring water from Exmoor. Here we farm our trout and produce the most delicious, mouth-watering smoked salmon and trout you are ever likely to taste.


We are also one of the premier fly fishing destinations in the south west of England for the experienced angler, and offer accommodation in a beautiful setting for you to relax and unwind.


In such a beautiful, peaceful setting Blakewell makes an ideal destination to wind down, relax and enjoy the countryside. 

Come and join us for the unique experience and taste of Blakewell.

Well stocked, quality fly fishing lake

Fish Well

A beautiful lake managed for its abundant fly hatches and hard fighting fish has lead to Blakewell being recognized as a premier fly fishing destination

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Kingfisher Cottage

Relax Well

Our a highly rated Scandinavian style holiday cottage is nestled in the Blakewell valley, surrounded by beautiful countryside and is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

“I regularly travel from Cornwall for the superb fly fishing”


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“Blakewell is much closer than you think”

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