Purveyors of true taste

Taste. We’re obsessed by it. Taking the most mouth-watering, fresh Salmon and Trout, smoking it with the finest beechwood chips to draw out the delicate flavours that are hidden within. Exploring how we can create something unique and desirable for those who seek the fineries of taste. This is, and has always been, our passion. To be different, to be the obvious choice for the decerning. We have challenged ourselves to become the purveyors of true taste and seek it in everything we do.

And now we believe we’ve got it just about right.


We are the Nickell brothers. We’ve been fish farming and working in harmony with nature all our lives. You see we’ve grown up with it, we know about it and care about what we do. When it comes to producing beautiful Smoked Salmon and Trout we don't believe in rusing it. We’re passionate about great tasting, locally produced food. And we want you to experience and enjoy it... just like we do. Why not visit us at beautiful Blakewell.